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The Kohn Foundation (TKF) is a non-profit (501c3) organization based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S. TKF received its non-profit status in April, 2004, prior to Hurricanes Jeanne and Frances, which devastated Grand Bahama Island. Many families lost their homes impacting their incomes, children and jobs. Our initial goal was to raise money for college bound students to help them with their education. By 2010, we were supporting 19 students attending local colleges in Freeport, Nassau and abroad in the U.S. and Canada. Thanks to many private and public donors, we have grown our scholarship program, contributing to the significant growth in college attendance in western Grand Bahama.

A second mission grew out of the overpopulated pet population on Grand Bahama. Deeply moved by the starving, sick and undernourished potcakes roaming the streets, Ellen Kohn contacted Tip Burrows, the Manager of the Humane Society of Grand Bahama (HSGB) in 2005. A strong partnership ensued, where TKF began to raise money for critically needed medicines, vaccines and food for the HSGB. Today, more than 15 spay/neuter clinics have been performed by U.S. veterinary teams, with the money and supplies being funded by TKF supporters. Additionally, TKF and HSGB have joined forces to literally rescue puppies and adult dogs via our famous “puppy lift” operations, where dogs are flown by cargo out of Freeport to dozens of cities across the U.S., sparing their lives. We continue to be a very strong pair, motivated by our ongoing successes and the grateful potcakes who have been given a second chance.

Please refer to our Volunteer Page to learn about opportunities to help. Every effort is important and our current volunteer corp is very limited. There are many talents in our community and any input is useful and welcomed.

The critical information for donations to TKF is as follows:
Federal Tax Identification Number: 56-2396855
Address: 173 Chisholm Trail Santa Fe, New Mexico 87506
Phone: (505) 983-9743

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