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Shop the Web with the merchants below and The Kohn Foundation will receive a percentage of your total sale to help The Grand Bahama Humane Society. Also check back often, we will be adding new merchants regularly.

Thank you very much and happy shopping.

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Dogs Naturally Magazine - Holistic and Natural Care, Feeding and Nutrition for Dogs

TREAT THEM WELL with CholoGel and CholoFlex with HYALURONIC ACID, the All-Natural Pain Reliever. Faster, more effective than Glucosamine. Please place "TKF Buyer" into the input field for "What was your reason for buying?" and TKF will get a commission from the total sale!

Pawsitively Elegant for beautiful hand crafted one-of-a-kind customized elevated dog bowls, dog leash holders, or dog picture frames. Please place "TKF Buyer" into the special instructions text field and your purchase will benefit the Grand Bahama Humane Society.

Banner 728x90 Static offers over 10,000 pet supplies for Aquariums, Ponds, Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, Birds and Small Animals. Customer Benefits: Up to 65% off everyday, Free Shipping offer, Low Price Guarantee and Coupon Codes are available!

Dog id banner offers dog tags, collars, apparel, beds, leashes, toys, and more.

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