The Kohn Foundation

The Kohn Foundation

Volunteers Needed

  1. Education Committee Chairperson
    This individual will work with West End educators and TKF Board Members to develop criteria for TKF Scholarship Fund. A committee of 5 individuals will be selected to work with the Chairperson.

  2. Micro-credit Committee Chairperson
    This individual will work with a committee and with the TKF Financial Advisor to develop a program for selecting qualified loan recipients. The criteria for micro-credit loan applications are currently being developed.

  3. Long-Range Planning Coordinator
    This individual will work with West End citizens to develop a plan for the long-term development of the village. Projects such as a daycare center, volunteer medical facility, retirement home, public library, and youth center will be identified and planned. A committee will be selected to work with the coordinator.

  4. "Taste of West End" Event Chairperson
    This event will be a fabulous bridge between Old Bahama Bay and West End. We envision this event to be a yearly festival, with huge promotion in Freeport, Eight Mile Rock, and the hotel districts.

  5. Cookbook Coordinator
    This person will gather recipes from Chef Russell and the local Bahamian cooks to begin a collection of local specialties for a cookbook. TKF will take the collection and make a cookbook to sell in the U.S. and in the Bahamas for promotion and fundraising.

  6. Bahamian Animal Rescue Committee (B.A.R.C.)
    Volunteers are urgently needed to work with the Humane Society of Grand Bahama. BARC was created by The Kohn Foundation to support the animals in West End. The dog/cat situation there is in crisis, especially since hurricanes have devastated the village. Citizens are attempting to rebuild their lives, and the animals are in an extreme state of neglect. This committee has several members from around the U.S. who are working to fundraise and create awareness for the Humane Society of Grand Bahama and the pets of the island. Donations made to BARC through The Kohn Foundation are tax-deductible because of the 501c3 (non-profit) status. Contact Tip at the Humane Society for information about how to help:

  7. Publicity Coordinator
    An individual who will contact local newspapers/ radio stations to announce local TKF events. This person will prepare promotional items such as flyers, short articles, and notices to be published in local newspapers and posted in West End. For example, the TKF Scholarship Fund will need publicity, as will micro-credit loan opportunities when the program is made available to West End citizens.

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